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    The infinite patience of dogs.

    I can just hear them all in a dad voice. “Goddammit, you little spaz ball. What do you want?”

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    important post for boyswanna-be-her

    oh my god. maybe today will be ok.

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    please follow me on my fitness-journey - i follow all healthy fitblrs back :)

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    Young elephant playing on a beach in Phuket, Thailand by John Lindie

    I love elephants

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    A little reminder that it’s that time of year again. Be kind to yourself! Hydrate! It’s not your fault that you’re running slower.

    Also, when it comes to temperature:

    • 60 to 75 degrees: heart rate increases by two to four beats per minute.
    • 75 to 90 degrees, heart rate increases up to 10 beats per minute
    • Humidity increases it even more.

    "Perceived effort is accordingly much greater as both the temperature and the humidity rise."

    I need to remember this in the next few months!

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    As far as we know from science, Tumblr is the actual best part of the universe.

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